Trying to adapt to winter

By now, it’s been winter for a while already here in Alberta. I had the privilege of doing a road trip south with Gerry my husband until early November where I enjoyed every minute of every time I could soak in the heat of the warm southern sun.. we were reading reports of people ice climbing and skiing in October – yikes! – and I knew very well, I was going to be lacking Vitamin D soon and for a while.

The first week back home I was in denial winter was here until I had to put my big girl’s pants on (figuratively and literally!) to get out in the cold and shovel the house pathways. A few days later, Gerry and I went for a trip in the close-by mountains and walking in fluffy white snow and seeing the soft pillows on every shrub and tree shining in the sun got me reconciled with winter and I realized that I actually love this season! There is so much magic to it and so many outdoor activities one can do, once one has figured out the layers needed for the activity chosen! I feel for people complaining about winter and hope they will try to get outdoor and enjoy some activities that will help them embrace this season!

Nathalie Drotar (-Roulin), Founder

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