Worldwide pandemic and a travel company launch

It is quite reasonable to say that I have spent enough time in quarantine the last few months nursing this baby – yes my website! – as in to wanting to make it beautiful and appealing that I have built an internal joyous excitement for an official public launch on March 1 after finally getting all paperwork needed!

I will be honest though, I nowadays get rarely too excited – as in to jumping up and down in excitement – as it seems when I do, my planned projects or ideas seem to go haywire.. how strange! Now please do not think I am a doomed pessimistic, in the opposite, I seem to always see or find a positive outlook or solution but true enough, life seem to have taught me to temper the times when I am really excited.

March 9, after working on a few more background details, I finally made an official launch statement on my Instagram and Facebook pages with, as background noise on all media channels, the news of COVID-19 spreading worldwide. I had gotten used to hear about it but the seriousness of it really hit hard when I saw Italy’s death toll as Milan is only 3 hrs drive from the french part of Switzerland where I come from and a mere 1-1.5 hr drive from where I have dear friends.

I will conclude this post by saying this: my planned projects or ideas have not always happened as/when I had planned them – in my mind at least – and the “de-routing” or “re-routing” life has let happen has often been a “blessing in disguise” as the expression says. Had I launched earlier this year, I would now be dealing with cancellations of guests bookings, lodging booking etc.. but as of today, I am back on the starting blocks with time to perfect the summer/fall trips as well as next year’s.

So yes stay healthy, follow authorities’ recommendations and I will be in touch so we get to go on trips here in Canada or abroad as soon as the clouds lift ok!?

Cheers, Nathalie Drotar (-Roulin), Founder

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