Podcast interview on re-inventing oneself

Lucky me! I got interviewed a few weeks ago by my friend Naeema and luck you! get to listen to it and discover the sound of my voice.. beware the french accent 😉 ! You will also hear the story of 2 other invitees who talk about reinventing themselves and who knows you might get inspired!?

Part 1 in Episode 27 and part 2 in Episode 28 here: www.crosspollination.co or iTunes (or Apple Podcast), Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast. The podcast is also available on other podcast apps like Breaker, Google Podcast, Google Play & Player FM.

Naeema Bhyat is the host and owner of business podcasts called Cross-polliNation.. here is her website: www.crosspollination.co. She is a Canadian Podcast Winner and the recipient of the 2019 Business Series, what an honour for me to have been an invitee!

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