Mind escape during worldwide pandemic

Do you take the time to read? Not online posts I mean, to read real books?! I now do again on regular basis and I absolutely LOVE the escape it provides to my mind!

RISING was given to me by my friend Karla and this last week transported me to Mt Everest with the 1986 expedition team from Canada. They were successful and Sharon Wood was the 1st North American woman to set foot on the highest peak of the earth.

I have met Sharon a few times – at our annual Women’s guides’potluck and mountain biking once – and have noticed and always enjoyed her soft ways, kindness and interest in others. This book confirmed to me her personality is now as it was then and yet described how truly hardcore she was in the mountains.

And what a team and team effort on that mountain!! I was super impressed and touched to read of the hardwork, dedication and humility of all team members.. because it isn’t always the case with climbers wanting a summit!

I hope you get to read it.. and if you already have let me know what you thought of it! Cheers, Nathalie, Nat’s Adventure Travel Founder 

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