Meet the Team: Shannon Buckles

Time for me to present you my new friend and hiking guiding partner Shannon! This incredibly well traveled lady – I drool at the list of countries she’s visited! – and mom of 3 who grew up playing outdoors, made it her every day lifestyle and takes her loved ones on all sorts of family friendly adventures.. lucky kids I say!

Shannon is proud to have added an ACMG certification to her resumé the last couple of years and can’t wait to take you and your families out for a day.. or more! Read more about Shannon HERE.

Trips Shannon – and myself! – would be super excited to take you on:

Our Calgary City Hikes – all details HERE.

Our Full Moon Hikes – all details HERE.

And of course any of our Custom Trips.. as in YOU choose When, Where, With who etc.. of course we us helping you with the planning! see details HERE.

Oh I can’t wait to make the full announcement on the international trip what we are concocting together to offer for this November.. hint: warm, luxuriously green and amazingly bio diverse country.. 😉 Woot!! Will you be IN?!

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Cheers, Nathalie – Nat’s Adventure Travels, Founder

Shannon in her element 🙂

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