Info on which European countries are open for your Portugal bike tour!

This afternoon I heard over my homeland radio that they are reopening their borders to other countries of which Canada. I perked up and felt a burst of joy Yay!! It made me happy especially because it meant that we are moving on to another phase of the Covid pandemic: reopening for the summer season!!

To be honest, I have not had a huge longing to go back – even though all my family and a lot of my friends are there.. – I am quite happy and settled here in Western Canada. I have also been focused on summer and all the fun outdoor activities I could do and provide with my company.

But yes my roots are still over there and it still does something to you when you hear that you are “accepted” again in your homeland! Plus.. PLUS as you may or may not have realised yet, Nat’s Adventure Travels is a Tour Operator company and I/we offer trips to Europe yep yep! Yes hiking guiding in Canada and hiking and/or discovery tours – a mix of hiking and local adventures – in European countries including my home country Woot!

So I went on Google to get the full list of european countries opened or opening for travel and here is what I found: from – 14 hours ago and from EuroNews – 2 days ago. Have a read, countries are by alphabetical order, it’s pretty comprehensive but note things keep changing and they might even before July 1.

Travelling to Europe.. soon!

Now the question I had was: am I allowed to leave the country? the government of Canada Travel Advisories was updated 5 days ago mentioning to avoid non-essential travels for a lot of countries..sigh. Another government page has travel restrictions dated April 19 which means from a looong time ago.. please government people, can you update it for the summer!? So before we/I get too excited, I would suggest to be a tad more patient until we get an update on if we can or cannot travel from Canada.

Back to the European list, which let’s be honest makes you drool! here are a few things you should consider for the country/ies you plan to travel to: 

  • Is the country you come from allowed there? it varies from country to country 
  • Do you have to present a health certificate or pass a health check?
  • Do you have to quarantine and how long?
  • Do you have travel/flight cancellation insurance and health care coverage – important in all cases.
  • Are you ready for any “worst case scenario” like: do you have enough vacation days in case you have to stay longer? or is your boss pretty flexible and you travel with your laptop anyway ha ha, will you have a place to stay – family, friends, hotel or Airbnb? will you have enough money to cover an extended stay.. 

All in all, I’m excited for the future and I hope you can be too. After all life has to go on, yes with care and precaution but life has to go on. Oh and before I forget, I got news from my partner company for the biking / e-biking tours in Portugal and they are OPEN for business YESS! Check out their Health and Safety badge below! As yes they adhere to very similar safety measures as over here (the only difference I noted was 1.5 m vs our 2m/6ft) and yes Portugal is accepting Canadians!!

Click here for details on the bike tours: Portugal Coast Tour and Portugal Inland Tour and contact me here if you are interested for this fall or have any questions!

Time to start dreaming, time to start planning! Soon time to start travelling!!

Cheers, Nathalie – Nat’s Adventure Travels

Neat badge that promises safe biking adventures there!

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