Meet the Team: Helen Sovdat

Today, I would like to introduce you to Helen Sovdat, one of Canada’s 16 female IFMGA Mountain Guides.. IFMGA means internationally recognized.. yes Wow! You can read her bio on our Team tab where you will quickly notice that the 2-3 paragraphs say too little about Helen’s career as a mountain guide for 30 years. I bet Helen could write a book about her life! I certainly drool when I think of all the stories she would have to share from all the countries and places she visited and guided!

When I read Helen’s email accepting to fill the role of hiking guiding supervisor for me until my final exam, I was touched. Helen has probably better things to do than having to supervise me when in the field.. it’s summer after all, she might be guiding or might have plans of her own.

I had met Helen as an instructor and examiner on my apprentice hiking guiding week and exam. I saw in her quiet and firm leadership a woman who could kick butts in bigger and tougher terrain. But never would Helen show off, rather what shines through is a quiet but strong female role model and mentor who leads with a big heart.

Do you have female role models in your life? Feel free to comment here below or on our social media channels so we hear about those who inspire us!

Cheers, Nathalie Drotar – Nat’s Adventure Travels Founder

Helen on North Twin

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