End of summer Hiking Guide certification

How was your summer?! Good I hope and with a lot of outings and adventures – small or big – in your area of the world despite the current circumstances!?

Mine was once again quite busy and I got to tick off of my list a few outdoor ideas/projects but it went by too fast as usual! I don’t know about you but I could certainly do with 3 times the months July and August – YES Please to a 6 months summer! – to take advantage of the good weather for more mountain adventures but then for sure with the automatic veggie garden watering installed coz it was a rat race I tell ya! 😅

Luckily September brought us only a couple of cold days so we’ve been enjoying an Indian Summer unlike the last couple of years which brought us snow in September then again early October which then locked us in a long winter. So yes thanks to this summer weather, I was able to get some good mountain fitness and mileage in order to be ready for my hiking guiding exam mid-September.

And yes I am happy and proud to announce that I’ve successfully passed the ACMG exam and assessment process and I am now a fully certified ACMG Hiking Guide! 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

Now you’re wondering “What does this change mean from your previous title of apprentice/assistant?” Simply that I will not need any supervision and instead can offer supervision and coaching to new apprentice hiking guides. I am pretty excited for this opportunity and also feel humbled by the privilege and responsibility.

On the other hand I am thankful for belonging to an Association such as the ACMG – the ombilical cord is definitely not severed! – as it provides me/us all guides with CPDs – Continuous Professional Development – and much more like a community of guides from different streams (Alpine, Ski, Rock..) with whom we can share information, find support/coaching, exchange/buy gear etc.. pretty cool no?!

I now want to wish you a great Fall/Autumn and… hike, climb, bike, rock and run on! 😃🤘

Nathalie Drotar (-Roulin) – Founder of Nat’s Adventure Travels

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