Transition into Fall

Summer doesn’t last long in Alberta but when September and October serve us warm temperatures and no snow – like this year, unlike the last 3 years! – it feels we’re summer until October! In fact there is – or was – a term for it: Indian summer which probably comes from native people who occupied this land before Europeans did.

The golden colors of fall in our area

I use to come visit from Europe during harvest time, the “ambiance” was special with all the fields and most forests dressed in beautiful golden colors, especially when the earlier sunsets would light them up before dark would set. I had fallen (pun intended) in love with Alberta then, for the season and many other reasons. 🙂

And Yes Alberta and our Rockies are a place to visit, discover and play in also during fall! Plus it is usually more quiet than in the summer which is a bonus too! Of course we have quite a few “famous” places where people like to line up to see larches in their bright yellow fall robes but if you don’t like crowds (like me), you should to talk to locals (like us!) for more hidden gems.. you might not see as many larches as the ‘gram’ or social media seem to promise but you will enjoy more peace and quiet. Of course it depends what one is looking for, right!?

From hiking, mountain biking to rock climbing and forest bathing, our fall this year was one to remember! Hope you’ve enjoyed yours wherever you are and we look forward to see you soon for some shared adventures in our very own backyard!

Cheers, Nathalie Drotar – Nat’s Adventure Travels, Founder

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