Meet The Team: Joy Prockter

Hi everyone, what about some good news before year end!? Yes you guessed it by the title: I am thrilled to announce that my hiking guiding friend Joy is also keen to be part of our amazing team of women guides.. yeepee!!

I got to know Joy as my supervisor on the trails during the summer 2019 as we guided a few groups together. What a fantastic opportunity and privilege! Joy has a wealth of knowledge on our parks.. history, fauna, flora – you name it – which she happily shares with an ever present smile. Joy has travelled the world and is absolutely passionate by what she does in the mountains, with her husband for their business and for the community in their lovely home town of Jasper, Alberta.

You can find Joy’s full bio on our Team page.

The other great news is that Joy and I are planning a trip to Europe for end of April and May 2021. We can’t wait to reveal more about it and have you join us! What about you? Excited to travel again?! We sure are, it’s been a long year and its time to plan some serious exploring vacay!!

Onward, forward and upward!

Cheers, Nathalie Drotar – Nat’s Adventure Travels, Founder

Joy all smiles in one of the beautiful local canyons

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