Meet The Team: Joy Prockter

Hi everyone, what about some good news before year end!? Yes you guessed it by the title: I am thrilled to announce that my hiking guiding friend Joy is also keen to be part of our amazing team of women guides.. yeepee!! I got to know Joy as my supervisor on the trails during theContinue reading “Meet The Team: Joy Prockter”

7 reasons or more Why Choose Us

There seem to be little knowledge from the public that the guiding profession and guides exist here in Canada so I decided to write some blog posts on the subject! Canadian guides – each in their different mountain sports streams – are highly skilled outdoors people who are here to make your time in ourContinue reading “7 reasons or more Why Choose Us”

Transition into Fall

Summer doesn’t last long in Alberta but when September and October serve us warm temperatures and no snow – like this year, unlike the last 3 years! – it feels we’re summer until October! In fact there is – or was – a term for it: Indian summer which probably comes from native people whoContinue reading “Transition into Fall”

Ambassadeur/-rice pour Travel Alberta

Cet été j’ai eu le privilège que l’on me demande d’être embassadeur/embassadrice pour Travel Alberta, une organisation provinciale mettant en valeur les magnifiques coins de notre province. Voici donc mon premier article sur mes 3 coups de cœur de la région publié mi-Septembre sur leur site ICI. J’espère que cela vous fera envie de venirContinue reading “Ambassadeur/-rice pour Travel Alberta”

Meet the Team: Kristine O’Rielly

Exciting news this fall! My Alpine Club section Board friend Kristine passed her ACMG Apprentice Hiking Guiding training and exam and is keen to work with us Yeepee! Kristine came from the other side of our continent and country to make the West her home and the Rockies her playground. She has an impressive resuméContinue reading “Meet the Team: Kristine O’Rielly”

End of summer Hiking Guide certification

How was your summer?! Good I hope and with a lot of outings and adventures – small or big – in your area of the world despite the current circumstances!? Mine was once again quite busy and I got to tick off of my list a few outdoor ideas/projects but it went by too fastContinue reading “End of summer Hiking Guide certification”

5 reasons why you should ask an experienced person before heading outdoor

Here we are in 2020 with every piece of information possible available at the tip of our fingers. Yet we have been noticing a significant rise in the number of rescues in our gorgeous Canadian Rockies the last few w.ends. Where is the gap? what are we missing if we have access to so muchContinue reading “5 reasons why you should ask an experienced person before heading outdoor”

Meet the Team: Helen Sovdat

Today, I would like to introduce you to Helen Sovdat, one of Canada’s 16 female IFMGA Mountain Guides.. IFMGA means internationally recognized.. yes Wow! You can read her bio on our Team tab where you will quickly notice that the 2-3 paragraphs say too little about Helen’s career as a mountain guide for 30 years.Continue reading “Meet the Team: Helen Sovdat”

Info on which European countries are open for your Portugal bike tour!

This afternoon I heard over my homeland radio that they are reopening their borders to other countries of which Canada. I perked up and felt a burst of joy Yay!! It made me happy especially because it meant that we are moving on to another phase of the Covid pandemic: reopening for the summer season!!Continue reading “Info on which European countries are open for your Portugal bike tour!”

Meet the Team: Anne Drew Potter

I have another great women guide to present you today: my alpine club of Canada and outdoor friend Anne Drew Potter! We’ve sat on a couple of committees and have been on a few outings together, where I’ve witnesses Ann Drew as passionate about climbing – which she already practices many years – as embracingContinue reading “Meet the Team: Anne Drew Potter”

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