Info on which European countries are open for your Portugal bike tour!

This afternoon I heard over my homeland radio that they are reopening their borders to other countries of which Canada. I perked up and felt a burst of joy Yay!! It made me happy especially because it meant that we are moving on to another phase of the Covid pandemic: reopening for the summer season!!Continue reading “Info on which European countries are open for your Portugal bike tour!”

Meet the Team: Anne Drew Potter

I have another great women guide to present you today: my alpine club of Canada and outdoor friend Anne Drew Potter! We’ve sat on a couple of committees and have been on a few outings together, where I’ve witnesses Ann Drew as passionate about climbing – which she already practices many years – as embracingContinue reading “Meet the Team: Anne Drew Potter”

Via Ferrata, hiking and yoga.. summer is for adventures!

⛰Do you know what a Via Ferrata is?! It stands for “Iron Path” and originates from before World War I when then, they were used to move soldiers across the Alps more easily. It allows for protected climbing as each person is in a climbing harness with 2 leashes constantly attached to the cable alongContinue reading “Via Ferrata, hiking and yoga.. summer is for adventures!”

Waterfall hiking and Yoga

We have yet another hiking trip on the calendar under our Theme Hiking tab! This one is coming up soon – June 29 – and I hope you can take the time to join us! We will be based in the Nordegg area and go on day hikes to discover waterfalls! At the end ofContinue reading “Waterfall hiking and Yoga”

Time to go backpacking

Yes that’s right, the back-country campgrounds are booked, you just have to check the trip list, pick one – or more! – , ask for time off – unless you are the boss ha! – pack your bags, and such and join us, we do the rest! You owe it to yourself, take the leapContinue reading “Time to go backpacking”

Meet the Team: Shannon Buckles

Time for me to present you my new friend and hiking guiding partner Shannon! This incredibly well traveled lady – I drool at the list of countries she’s visited! – and mom of 3 who grew up playing outdoors, made it her every day lifestyle and takes her loved ones on all sorts of familyContinue reading “Meet the Team: Shannon Buckles”

Hiking / Day Hiking – Safety Items

This time I’m here to show you what I carry in my backpack for the safety aspect of my outings in the Rockies.. yes even for a day hike! Here is a link to my video clip 3 of 4! About the bear spray: take it with you for sure in spring, summer and fall..Continue reading “Hiking / Day Hiking – Safety Items”

N.A.T.’s Home page update

We are very aware of the Covid-19 recovery being underway and each one taking it at a different pace which we fully respect. Our Home page has been updated with a message to our community and to reflect the measures now in place for everyone’s safety and yet mental and physical well-being.. …as yes it’sContinue reading “N.A.T.’s Home page update”

Full moon hikes / Marches au clair de lune

NEWS! We are excited to launch our Full Moon Hikes this Friday June 5! If you’ve never been outdoor or hiking by full moon, this is your chance to go with a certified guide at a very reasonable price! For all details and to book, click here: Full moon hikes ******************************** NOUVELLES FRAICHES! Nous nousContinue reading “Full moon hikes / Marches au clair de lune”

Hiking footwear

Let’s talk footwear! Yesterday i went on a hike which had a scree slope (= loose rock) to get to the ridge, yes we have a few like this in our beautiful Canadian Rockies! Some scree slopes are on mountains that have a hiking trail first and some are on what we call here “scrambles”Continue reading “Hiking footwear”

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