Meet The Team: Joy Prockter

Hi everyone, what about some good news before year end!? Yes you guessed it by the title: I am thrilled to announce that my hiking guiding friend Joy is also keen to be part of our amazing team of women guides.. yeepee!! I got to know Joy as my supervisor on the trails during theContinue reading “Meet The Team: Joy Prockter”

Meet the Team: Anne Drew Potter

I have another great women guide to present you today: my alpine club of Canada and outdoor friend Anne Drew Potter! We’ve sat on a couple of committees and have been on a few outings together, where I’ve witnesses Ann Drew as passionate about climbing – which she already practices many years – as embracingContinue reading “Meet the Team: Anne Drew Potter”

Meet the Team: Shannon Buckles

Time for me to present you my new friend and hiking guiding partner Shannon! This incredibly well traveled lady – I drool at the list of countries she’s visited! – and mom of 3 who grew up playing outdoors, made it her every day lifestyle and takes her loved ones on all sorts of familyContinue reading “Meet the Team: Shannon Buckles”

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