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Get memorable hiking, backpacking & trekking trips by certified guides in National Mountain Parks of Alberta

Our VISION is to create a connection between people and beautiful places with outdoor activities. Everyone should experience the areas visited like any local person. The outdoor is an amazing playground – often transformative – join us!

N.A.T.’s Founder

About Our Guides

We are a team of ACMG certified local guides with a lot of outdoors experience. We are enthusiasts of nature, our parks and our environment! We are passionate instructors and sharers of our knowledge and experience. We are connected to the ACMG guiding community, which shares many information and privileges with us.

Plan Your Perfect Trip With Us

Life is busy and time you want to spend being active outdoors regenerating your health and energy is so precious we understand!

Hiring a professional woman hiking guide will help you maximize this time, skip to the best venues and safely get outside your comfort zone as you start exploring unknown areas..

We’ve been doing this as a lifestyle for a while, we are trained and certified so leave the planning, guiding and at times cooking on us!

Why Choose Us?


Our guests safety is our first and foremost concern.


Our guests enjoyment is our main concern after safety.


We are passionate instructors and we love sharing our knowledge and experience.

Knowledge & Experience

We are knowledgeable ACMG certified local guides with a lot of outdoors experience. When we are not guiding you, our guests, we are out there having fun and practicing our favorite mountain sports all year round.

ACGM Members

We are members of the ACMG – Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

Get Your NAT’s Mountain Fit Card!

If you want to connect & hike with like-minded people on a regular basis and commit to your hiking fitness, our Mountain FitCard is for you! Each hike gets you a stamp which after 10 gives you a Free one!


What should I wear hiking in mountain?

Mountain weather can be very unpredictable. That’s why layering is key! Learn more about the must haves and the layers to wear to keep warm and safe.

Why is it important to be prepared for any outdoor adventure?

Better be safe than sorry! You want to be prepared for the best and the worst. Surprises are fun but you want to make sure you stay safe and you come back home at the end of the day.

Why should I be ready for any type of weather?

Because mountain weather can change within minutes depending on where you are and what the forecast is and the human body without protection is not very much against the elements.. is it sun, wind, rain, hail or snow.

What should I bring with me for safety?

Find a list of everything you need to bring with you on a hiking trip on our FAQ page. 

What Our Clients Say

Nathalie was an amazing guide, we learned so much! She was also great company, made the meals fun and was great with the cooking.

– A. & K. Morse

Really enjoyed our snowshoe day in the mountains with Nathalie! She was a very knowledgeable guide who tailored the adventure to our ability level and was great company. The fondue was delicious, tough to beat fondue in the perfect mountain setting! I would recommend this trip to anyone!

– Mark

We had a blast with Natalie!!!! Loved our Valentine’s adventure day outside!!! Natalie is very nice, fun and knows her stuff! To have Fondue in the woods was excellent!!! Highly recommend Natalie to anyone! Looking forward to do more adventures with her!!!

– Rushania

We had a great day. 3 couples met Nathalie in Banff and followed her to our hike location. So scenic and she was easy to get along with and had all kinds of info about the area. She dug a pit and made some snow chairs and served us a wonderful cheese fondue. All while sitting in the sun with the view of the gorgeous mountains. Such a fun day!!

– Maureen

Loved our adventure with Nat!! Lovely area to snowshoe and that cheese fondue yum! Nat was super thorough with all the paperwork and was extremely knowledgeable about the area! Would highly recommend booking with her and would do another adventure with her too!

– Loren

Had a really fun time exploring a new (to me) area of Banff via snowshoe. Nathalie was able to accommodate our puppy, who also had a ton of fun. There was a good amount of fondue and snacks, and Nathalie was super knowledgeable about the area. She was a fantastic guide. Would highly recommend a snowshoe & fondue adventure with Nathalie.

– Marie

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