Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why you should choose us as your adventure guide…


Our guests safety is our first and foremost concern.


Our guests enjoyment is our main concern after safety.


We are knowledgeable ACMG certified local guides with a lot of outdoors experience.

When we are not guiding you our guests, we are out there having fun and practicing our favorite mountain sports all year round.

  • This means we know where the bad weather comes from, how fast it travels and how it could affect each of us.
  • This means we know when and where a trip is a go or no go, when we need to turn around if need be and it also means we always are prepared with a plan B, C or D!
  • This also means we know what everyone should be wearing – head to toe and for each season of the year – and what to bring for the care and safety of others.

We are members of the ACMG – Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

The ACMG is a reputable Association with very high safety standards from which we have obtained our recognized certification. To be kept, this certification requires regular training updates and CPDs or Continuous Professional Development. Per example we have to do a recertification of our 80 Hour Wilderness First Aid every 3 years.


    We are connected to the ACMG guiding community.

    Who has shared and continues to share a lot of information on areas or trail conditions, access, relevant training etc.. Many of them are experienced professionals for many years already and we feel privileged we have access to this wealth of information.


    We are passionate by nature, our parks and our environment!

    During each of our trips, we will be sharing with you interpretive bits on what surrounds us so you see it with new eyes and learn a lot of new things and hopefully falls in love with it!


    We are passionate instructors and sharers of our knowledge and experience.

    This means it feels rewarding for us when we can empower you with what we know so in turn, you can share with others.


    … and many more reasons You will discover as you book an outdoor adventure and come out with us!

    Our Affiliates

    Nathalie is a certified ACMG Hiking Guide and member of the ACMG, the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. All training and exams take place off-trail and in the remote Canadian mountain wilderness to insure a high level of competency and client care no matter the settings.

    We are members of the ACMG,  the professional association of trained and certified Mountain Guides, Hiking Guides and Climbing Instructors dedicated to protecting public safety and enjoyment in climbing, skiing and hiking adventures.

    Nathalie is a member of The Interpretive Guides Association which has for mission to inspire people through interpretation to discover and care for the natural and cultural environments throughout the world.

    Nathalie is a long-time active member, trip leader and mentor of the ACC – Alpine Club Canada – Calgary section. The ACC is a not-for-profit volunteer group, dedicated to self-propelled mountain activities who strives to build and support a thriving mountain community and all associated activities. ACC members backcountry ski, rock climb, ice climb, hike, scramble, mountaineer, train, tell stories and take pictures. If it involves the mountains, ACC members are interested. 

    Nathalie is certified in wilderness first aid every 3 years. Slipstream Wilderness First Aid, founded in 1990, is an industry-leading Wilderness First Aid training organization, expanding services across BC, Alberta, Yukon, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Japan. Wilderness First Aid certification provides the tools necessary to make critical medical & evacuation decisions and the ability to implement long-term care and stabilization until medical help arrives.

    Nathalie is a new affiliate member of the BLBCA, a member directed association of privately-owned lodges located in the major mountain ranges of British Columbia, Canada. She is looking forward to collaborating with BLBCA members and taking her guests to all amazing places offered by them.

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