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Beeswax Wraps

Snowshoe Lodge and Ski Patrol theme – $15 for a set of 3

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Outdoor Skirts

The story behind the repurposed skirts

Nathalie was looking to buy herself such a skirt to change into for the evenings usually spent outdoors in the summer or in huts in the winter. Nothing better than changing from sweaty trail clothes or stiff goretex pants into dry comfi leggins but she wanted to be more covered than that. All she wanted was simple: insulation, warmth, small when packed in her backpack and affordable. The color and cuteness factor was an added bonus.

The two stores she asked had only one in stock each but neither the color nor the price suited her so her brain started spinning into solution-finding mode. She didn’t need much time until she had the idea of repurposing jackets so consulted one of her best friend, an incredibly talented seamstress about the feasibility of her idea. Her friend agreed to making them and here we are with a few for you to buy!

We have an Etsy Shop!

All our outdoor skirts are available for purchase on our Etsy Shop.

Find more outdoor skirts on our Etsy Shop.

Tips For the Guide

Buy me a tea & pain au chocolat – $10

Buy me a jar of honey – $15

Buy me 2 packs of Bündnerfleisch – $20

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Gift Card

Gift Card – From $50

What is included

  • A guided adventure/vacation of the recepient’s choice
  • Local English / French speaking ACMG Hiking guide
  • Provincial and Nationals Parks permits
  • Pre-trip meeting / phone call to discuss everything concerning the trip
  • All trip details planned, summarized and sent in a Pdf form to prepare and enjoy a worry-free trip

What is extra

  • Land transportation
  • Flight to and from the trip destination
  • Local taxes and/or gratuities for the guide(s)
  • Travel insurance, medical, disability, life, dismemberment, accidental death insurance coverage if needed.

Cancellation Policy

  • See Cancellation Policy for trip chosen.
Options and prices

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