Egypt & Shadow Lake

Rocky Mountains, Alberta

Women Only – 5 days, 4 nights

Ladies, let’s dust off the backpacks and head into Egypt and Shadow Lake area for 5 days / 4 nights for some well-deserved nature/forest immersion! 

Bring/borrow a bike – and bike lock – so we save 10.5 km of walking each way and keep our leg power for getting to viewpoints! Note: you will have to practice biking with a big pack on.

Dates: TBD

62 km - with side trips: 70 km

Can bike 10.5 km on the Red Earth Creek trail

Max elevation gain: 425 m

$ 1,000/ person + taxes, Guided & Catered

Details & Itinerary

Day 1: Hike the Redearth Creek Trail to our first night in the wild at campground Pharaoh Creek – 14.7 km and set up camp. Group has the options of biking in for 10.5 km which leaves us 4.2 km of hiking.

Night 1: Pharaoh Creek campground – 1875 m.

Day 2:  Today is a lake viewing day! We will hike with our daypacks to Egypt Lake: 5.2 km with 151 m elev. gain, with the option of going on to Scarab and Mummy Lake: 3.3 km one way with  225 m elev. gain then we will hike down and then off to Pharaoh Lake: 1.1 km with 74 elev. gain, Black Rock Lake 2.9 km more with 100 m elev. gain and if time, energy and weather permits then to Sphinx Lakes 1.4 km with another 100 m elev. gain. We will then descend 274 m to Egypt Lake junction and 425 m in total from Sphinx Lake to our camp where we will spend the night.

Night 2: Pharaoh Creek campground – 1875 m.

 Day 3: Pack up camp and hike to our next camp spot via Shadow Lake  – 11.9 km with 150 m elev. loss then 196 m elev. gain.

Afternoon hike to Ball Pass: 2.7 km with 289 m elev. gain and/or or to Haiduk Lake 3 km with 146 m elev. gain one way.

Night 3: Ball Pass Junction campground – 1921 m. 

 Day 4: Hike to Shadow Lake campground so 6 km with 96 m elev. loss.

Night 4: Shadow Lake campground – 1825 m.

 Day 5: Hike out the Redearth Creek Trail 12.2 km with 400 m elev. loss. or to our bikes 1.7 with 100 m elev. loss and bike down the 10.5 km and 300 m elev. loss left to the parking lot.

What's Included
  • 5 days guided backpacking trip by an experienced certified ACMG woman Hiking guide happy to share all sorts of backcountry tricks to empower you to later on go with your family and friends.
  • 1hr online pre-trip meeting 5-7 days before to discuss the route taken, weather, gear etc.. and respond to all questions.
  • 5 days vacation in a not-so-well-known element like our Rocky Mountains, in the presence of a professional trained in wilderness first aid, who is here mainly to prevent anything from happening but trained and ready to respond in case of an emergency.
  • all campground fees, wilderness camping fees, k-country Parks fees, food accommodating specific dietary needs as well as camp kitchen: pots, stoves & fuel etc..
  • can include camping gear and hiking poles if you need to borrow some (not sleeping bags sorry).
What's Not Included
  • National Park permit to display in your vehicle.
  • Cancellation Insurance.
  • Travel insurance as well as medical, disability, life, dismemberment and accidental death insurance.
Adventure Information Package

Our Adventure Information Package with all details for your trip will be sent out to each participant within 5-10 days of deposit payment.


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Cancellation Policy

Please read our cancellation policy here.

Guided Trip Benefits

  • Save yourself the hassle of hours of camping prep work – like booking campgrounds, buying/preparing menus and food – that go before such a trip as well as cooking every day for 5 days.

  • Enjoy disconnecting from your cell phone – no wifi out there, sorry, and forget about your never ending To Do list for a few days. Disconnect to reconnect.
  • Get direct, live fauna, flora, mountain history and/or geology interpretation stories along the trail.
  • Enjoy soaking in all the health benefits provided by being away from this thing we call “civilization” for a few days. Recharge and get energized by spending an active vacay doing something good for yourself.


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