Day Hiking – Layers

Video clip 1 of 4: in English here.

Here we are, it’s finally spring with day temperatures that are plus or minus reasonable and with what it seems the bulk of the pandemic behind us and re-opening signs here and there.. ye-epee! We each have had plenty of time to think of our next adventure and we’ve maybe even made plans and listed everything – from easy hikes to long mountain treks – that we want to do in an area that is bigger than the neighborhood we live in. As soon as we get the green light, we are going that’s for sure!

But wait a minute, have you thought of getting ready for these hikes or mountain treks in our provincial and national parks? do you have a list you can refer to with on it everything you need to take to practice a sport that seem to be the most simple in the world but that still demands for you to be ready!?

Not too worry, I’m here to help you! In the next couple of weeks, I am offering you a serie of 4 videos – on this blog and on my social media channels – so you can see how we really get ready to go hiking in our beautiful Canadian Rockies AND to make it a pleasant experience that you will want to repeat.. yes, you will see, it’s addictive!

I hope you will enjoy watching my video series!

Nathalie – Nat’s Adventure Travels Founder