There seem to be little knowledge from the public that the guiding profession and guides exist here in Canada so I decided to write some blog posts on the subject!

Canadian guides – each in their different mountain sports streams – are highly skilled outdoors people who are here to make your time in our wild mountains safe and most enjoyable. And yes they do Much more than “just hiking” with you the day you are outdoors! for the hiking guiding stream I mean… so here is a sample of reasons:

  1. Our guests safety is our first and foremost concern.

2. Our guests enjoyment is our main concern after safety.We are knowledgeable ACMG certified local guides with a lot of outdoors experience. When we are not guiding you our guests, we are out there having fun and practicing our favourite mountain sports all year round.

  • This means we know where the bad weather comes from, how fast it travels and how it could affect each of us.
  • It also means that we know when and where a trip is a go or no go, when we need to turn around if need be and it also means we always are prepared with a plan B, C or D!
  • And finally, we know what everyone should be wearing – head to toe and for each season of the year – and what to bring for the care and safety of others.

3. We are members of the ACMG – Association of Canadian Mountain Guides – a reputable Association with very high safety standards from which we have obtained our recognized certification. To be kept, this certification requires regular training updates and CPDs or Continuous Professional Development. Per example we have to do a recertification of our 80 Hour Wilderness First Aid every 3 years.

You can read the full list of reasons on our Why Choose Us page. View our full trips list of under the Canada or Europe tab.. I bet you’d enjoy our winter program and especially our Snowshoe Day with Fondue Dinner!

Nathalie Drotar (-Roulin) – Nat’s Adventure Travels, Founder